11/25/2014 Environmental water market spending tops $560 million

Environmental water market activity has shown significant growth over the last ten years. Total expenditures on water acquired to protect streamflows across the western US have exceeded more than $560 million. These transactions have been critical for restoring stream flows for endangered fish species as well as improving water quality.

Over the last decade, federal and state agencies as well as a growing number of private organizations have become a major part of overall trading activity. The latest Water Market Insider released by WestWater Research estimates that environmental transactions accounted for 40% of the total volume that was traded from 2003-2012. These transactions have had a significant impact on stream flows. In 2012, environmental transactions added nearly 1.3 million acre feet of additional flows to streams across the western US. While the market is most active in the Pacific Northwest, almost all western states have had some environmental trading activity.

The latest Water Market Insider highlights the unique aspects of the environmental water market including regional differences, and reports market trends in price and trading volume.

Click here for the full report: Water Market Insider Q4 2014

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