09/04/2014 Central Arizona’s Market for Long-Term Storage Credits

WestWater Research is pleased to announce the release of its latest Water Market Insider, which covers the emerging market for Long Term Storage Credits (LTSCs) in Central Arizona. The document reports proprietary data on transactions of LTSCs, which are widely relied upon for banking and firming of surface water supplies in one of the driest parts of the western United States.

LTSCs are created when renewable surface water is stored underground in the aquifer. Owners of LTSCs are authorized to pump that stored water through permitted recovery wells. The credits can be bought or sold among water users within the same Active Management Area or basin. Currently the LTSC market is small, but trading activity is accelerating. WestWater expects this trend to continue as water demands grow in Central Arizona, surface water supplies become increasingly variable, and new buyers enter the market. The full LTSC market report with detailed price and volume information, along with past Water Market Insider publications is available at WestWater’s website: www.waterexchange.com.

WestWater Research is the leading economic and financial consulting firm in the water industry. The firm provides transaction advisory services, water right valuations and appraisals, marketing services, economic planning, and investment services. Since its inception in 2001, WestWater has advised clients in every western state, including Alaska and Texas, on various water resources projects. The WestWater team excels at identifying and implementing creative solutions to complex water resource issues.

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