Water Market Price Data Now Available Through AcreValue WestWater Partnership

08/24/2017 Water Market Price Data Now Available Through AcreValue WestWater Partnership

AcreValue has teamed up with the water rights experts at WestWater Research (“WestWater”) to enhance the company’s online agricultural and land marketplace.  With the addition of WestWater’s internal water data, AcreValue users can now access basic water price and lease data.

Waterlitix™ was developed and is maintained by WestWater Research and serves as the world’s largest and most comprehensive water market price and lease database.  A portion of Waterlitix™ data will now be accessible through AcreValue’s online agricultural property portal containing millions of various land parcels.

This partnership will allow AcreValue users to view basic transaction information from Waterlitix™, including prices and lease rates over the past four years in 13 western states. This unique collaboration has created the first ever map-based tool to display water market sales in the US where pricing information has been virtually impossible to find.

“There’s the old Western saying that whiskey is for drinking and water is for fighting. Well, much of that fighting simply comes from ignorance,” WestWater principal Clay Landry says. “This partnership brings much-needed water price transparency to help make the market function properly and help prospective Ag land buyers know what sorts of water they’re getting with a given piece of land”

AcreValue is quickly becoming the leading source of farmland information, and WestWater recognized the opportunity to provide water pricing data as a fundamental component of the ever-expanding agricultural land value platform.

“In parts of the Midwest and West, oftentimes the water rights and the value of the water, or getting access to that water is even more important than the value of the property itself, and so strategically for our customers…we wanted to…help them make better choices around farmland…” AcreValue general manager Tamar Tashjian says. “[WestWater] is providing a great source of content out to our users in the West.”

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